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Why use Vocotext WiFi Marketing for outlet? Our Vocotext WiFi Marketing device product and iSMS (bulk SMS software) works perfectly together seamlessly as well as introducing localised SMS Marketing. WiFi marketing device enables the merchant to capture the information of their customers when using WiFi. Simultaneously, allowing customers to enjoy free WiFi service on-site. Making you stay contacted with your customers, improve your customer engagement and make them return to your doorstep again in future. Learn more about Vocotext Wi-Fi Marketing Learn More

SGD 600

  • FREE On site installation*
  • FREE Device programming*
  • FREE 500 iSMS credits

Save Your Customer's Contact

Build your own customer contact database for future contact references by collecting their mobile numbers when they use your WiFi for outlet free WiFi service. In return, you can notify your customers and gain their loyalty via constant newsletters, seasonal promotions and new product launching to increase repeat purchase by existing customers in future.

Bulk SMS Marketing

Got your SMS marketing campaign ready but only notice you have limited contacts available? WiFi marketing is the new way to enhance your Bulk SMS campaign. Make use of the built in Bulk SMS Marketing System to deliver promotional message on occasional or scheduled basic. One best way to keep your customers informed.

Improve Overall Business Operation

What is better gaining a huge collection of your customer contacts from your WiFi for Outlet device? Analyze customer demographic and statistical data collected from the system to make better marketing decision. Reward frequent customer by encouraging them to come back. Returning customer make a business more robust and we help you turn them into a valuable return customer.

Vocotext-WiFi- steps-01


Connect to an open WiFi

Vocotext-WiFi- steps-02


Key in details to access free WiFi

Vocotext-WiFi- steps-03


Receive PIN via SMS

Vocotext-WiFi- steps-04


Access free WiFi via PIN

Vocotext-WiFi- steps-05


See your welcome page

Vocotext WiFi for Outlet Screenshots

wifi marketingClient connects to your open WiFi

wifi marketingClient input phone number in browser

wifi marketingClient receive Pin Number via SMS

wifi marketingClient input the received Pin Number

wifi marketingClient can start to use your WiFi Internet