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iSMS Mobile Integration

Many have wondered if integrating two giant communication platforms were possible. The answer is YES! SMS integration into mobile development is absolutely possible and is quite the norm.

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SMS API for Android and iOS apps

We take great pride in providing you with our extremely expandable iSMS service fully equipped with SMS API Key for both Android and iOS apps. This way you can create an efficient use of our Bulk SMS service and span it via various other platforms.

We offer you various ways to connect to our platform, from a fully documented API to a complete web interface. You can easily add a global messaging capability to your apps – in a wide variety of programming languages as you easily connect and utilize highly-functional global messaging services. Besides this, experience and support helps you lower development costs and increases time to market your product.

API Management

API Management is a secure, scalable environment for producing a unique API for any client that needs it. It transforms user requests and remaps them so the back-end service is able to recognise and understand them, then sends an answer that perfectly fits their interface.

Besides the API we also have a single, easy-to-use, web-based interface that allows you to reach diverse mobile devices across the globe with multi-channel messaging campaigns. Log in, send messages, review advanced analytics and reporting to optimize every campaign.