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How to Send Bulk SMS Singapore With ASP.NET

To start sending SMS with ASP.NET, you will need to register with Bulk SMS first. Click and get an account with us.

To understand more about our Bulk SMS Singapore API Key features, please visit our Developer API page.

All available features and configurations will be displayed at the Bulk SMS Singapore Developer API page. Integrate our API into your ASP .NET application and enjoy our services.

Please click below to find out about our send SMS API in other programming languages.

Step 1

Type out the scripts as demonstrated in the screenshot. You will notice that the highlighted area can be replaced with your bulk sms account information, such as username, password and destination number. After amending the information in that line of script, save your file.

Please refer the table below for parameter's description.

"un" username
"pwd" password
"dstno" mobile phone of your recipient
"msg" content of the message

Step 2

After running your ASP.NET's script, a window popup will appear.

Click "Click here to send sms" to start sending your short message.

Information in the parameters will be sent to the server and your short message will be delivered.

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