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How to Create Bulk SMS Task Scheduler With PHP Code

In Bulk SMS Singapore, we allow you to schedule SMS and blast them out at your preferred time. In order to allow you to enjoy this feature within your PHP application environment, we have created some PHP coding samples.

To understand more about our Bulk SMS Singapore API Key features, please visit our Developer API page.

All available features and configurations will be displayed at the Bulk SMS Singapore Developer API page. Integrate our SMS API into your PHP application and enjoy our SMS services.

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Before you begin, please make sure you have registered with Bulk SMS Singapore to get the username and password. Please click HERE to begin.

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If you have plans to integrate Bulk SMS functions into your application, you may consider using our Bulk SMS Singapore API keys. You can create Task Schedulers to blast out your sms marketing short messages without logging into the member console.

1. Create a PHP file and name it as you prefer.

2. Copy the sample PHP code below into the PHP file and replace the following details with your Bulk SMS Singapore account information.

  • username
  • password
  • your mobile number

At the member console main navigation menu, go to SMS > Task Scheduler, you will realise that the listing is empty.

Bulk SMS Singapore Task Scheduler with PHP

Sample PHP Coding


$username = "isms";
$password = "isms123";
$dstno = 6016xxxxxxx;
$msg = "text message over here";
$det = "TEST";
$tr = "weekly";
$type = 1;
$senderid = "isms";
$date = "2013-06-16";
$hour = 12;
$min = 45;
$week = 1;
$month = 1;
$day = 1;

$sendlink = "

fopen($sendlink, "r");


HTTPS Result

After uploading the PHP file and run it, a HTTPS request will be initated and a window will open. The browser address bar will display the address as below:

Return the "Task Scheduler" page and you will see the new "Task Scheduler" listed in that page.

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