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Bulk SMS Singapore has its services integrated into POS Market's POS Terminal. If you are a POS systems user, you can send Bulk SMS marketing massages to multiple contacts at one go. You must be connected to the internet to do so.

With Bulk SMS Singapore's cheap and affordable rates, you will definitely save your time and money while enhancing your business with your SMS marketing strategies. You can deliver Bulk SMS messages to more than 200 countries as we have expanded our services globally. Countries covered include Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and so on! SMS rates is based on countries.

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Send SMS Messages

Include your clients' phone numbers separated by ; or ,, campaign title and message into the given fields.

Contact List

Built-in contact list/phone book for easy multiple phone numbers selection. Filter by contact's Name.

SMS Settings

Create customized SMS header for your business, enter your username and password in "iSMS Setting".

SMS Rate

"SMS Rate" allows you to check the full list of every country's SMS rates before sending messeges to clients.

Send History

Track all your sent SMS messages to your clients by clicking the "Send History" tab.

Reply History

"Reply History" tab lets you to view all replied messages from you to your clients and vice versa.


Click on "Reload" tab to top up Bulk SMS credits to send more SMS messages.

Free Bulk SMS Registration

You must register a FREE Bulk SMS account before using SMS services in POS Terminal.