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South East Asia Bulk SMS Rates

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Singapore Bulk SMS Rate Singapore
1.0 SMS Credit
Malaysia Bulk SMS Rate Malaysia
1.0 SMS Credit
Indonesia Bulk SMS Rate Indonesia
1.0 SMS Credit
Brunei Bulk SMS Rate Brunei
1.0 SMS Credit
Thailand Bulk SMS Rate Thailand
1.0 SMS Credit
Vietnam Bulk SMS Rate Vietnam
2.0 SMS Credit
Cambodia Bulk SMS Rate Cambodia
1.0 SMS Credit
Myanmar Bulk SMS Rate Myanmar
3.0 SMS Credit
Laos Bulk SMS Rate Laos
1.0 SMS Credit
Philippines Bulk SMS Rate Philippines
1.0 SMS Credit
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Free SMS Registration in Bulk SMS Singapore

Welcome to Bulk SMS Singapore and thanks for choosing to register with our Bulk SMS Online Service. This quick and FREE sms registration allows you access to the sms membership page.

With this free sms registration, you may load your sms credits at the member page and start using our service. You can only access to the sms member page after the registration, after you obtain your username and password, you can experience the advanced yet easy to use interface in the member console. A lot of functions are made available for you to try it out before purchase.

If you have purchased your sms credit, please login to your member page to load the PIN.

Register with Bulk SMS Singapore

Bulk SMS Features

  1. + Is there any requirement to register?
    A:There is no requirement during registration and you just need to register at HERE
  2. + What kinds of documents i need to prepare for registering?
    A: There is no document needed for account registration.
  3. + I send the advertising messages myself or you will help me to send it?
    A: You need to send advertising sms by yourselves
  4. + Is there any hidden cost?
    A: There is no hidden cost
  5. + Is there any charges on the unsend message?
    A: We charge for every number that submitted to our sms platform and you able to view delivery report at online report
  6. + How can i ensure that the blasting message is send out or not?
    A: You may login to our web portal and check on delivery report
  1. + How it's work? I need to send it myself or you will help me to send?
    A: This is web based sms service, you just need to login into our web portal and send. Our staff able to guide you step by step via skype or call
  2. + Is there any sample on how your software work like?
    A: Kindly register an account at Register HERE and login at Login HERE to take a look
  3. + Is using stand alone application or web application?
    A: It is web based, no installation needed.
  4. + Can I send the sms from my CSV?
    A: Yes you can, our web portal able to let you send sms by uploading CSV file and you need to follow our format to send.
  5. + Do you support coverage in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia?
    A: Yes, we do have premium sms route to Malaysia Singapore and Indonesia with top quality.
Bulk SMS Global Coverage
Global Coverage
SMS Marketing Singapore Delivery Report
Bulk SMS Delivery Report
SMS Marketing Singapore API for Developers
SMS API for Developers
SMS Marketing Singapore Group Messaging
SMS Group Messaging
SMS Marketing Singapore Address Book with Unlimited Groupings
Unlimited Address Book with Groupings
SMS Marketing Singapore 2 Way SMS
2 Way SMS
SMS Marketing Singapore Shortcode
Bulk SMS Singapore Shortcode
SMS Marketing Singapore Longcode or Bulk SMS Random Number
Bulk SMS Longcode / Random Number
SMS Marketing Singapore Custom Sender ID
Custom Sender ID
SMS Marketing Singapore Email to SMS
Email 2 SMS
SMS Marketing Singapore contact upload or import SMS contacts database
Upload / Import SMS Contacts to Database
SMS Marketing Singapore Message Scheduling
SMS Message Scheduling
SMS Marketing Singapore Send SMS with CSV or Excel
Send SMS with CSV or Excel
SMS Marketing Singapore Open Source SMS Plugin
Open Source SMS Plugin
Bulk SMS Singapore Birthday Reminder
SMS Birthday Reminder
SMS Marketing Singapore Personalised SMS
Personalised SMS
SMS Marketing Singapore SMS Up to 3000 characters
SMS Up to 3000 Characters
SMS Marketing Singapore Multi User SMS or SMS Sub Accounts
Multi User or Sub Accounts
SMS Marketing Singapore Receive SMS Response via Email
Receive SMS Response via Email
SMS Marketing Singapore Auto Responder
SMS Auto Responder
SMS Marketing Singapore Profit Sharing Sub Keyword
SMS Profit Sharing Sub Keyword
SMS Marketing Singapore Keyword
SMS Keyword
SMS Marketing Singapore HTTP Triggering
HTTP Triggering
Unicode SMS Marketing Singapore
Unicode SMS
SMS Marketing Singapore Realtime Reporting
SMS Realtime Reporting
SMS Marketing Singapore History
SMS History
Multiple Analysed SMS Singapore delivery reports - sms daily reports, prefix reports, monthly reports, user reports
Multiple Analysed SMS Delivery Reports
Fix number sms Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Australia, Thailand
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Bulk SMS Android App
Bulk SMS Android App
Remove Duplicate Mobile Number in iSMS Contacts
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