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SMS Marketing Singapore Features

Bulk SMS Global Coverage Global Coverage

Reach billions of mobile phone users anywhere.

SMS Marketing Singapore Delivery Report Bulk SMS Delivery Report

Receive real time reports with proper labels (Delivered, Undelivered, Pending, Sent, Failed)

SMS Marketing Singapore API for Developers SMS API for Developers

Monitor the progress of your SMS campaigns from your custom applications.

SMS Marketing Singapore Group Messaging SMS Group Messaging

Easily send SMS to any group size of contacts.

SMS Marketing Singapore Address Book with Unlimited Groupings Unlimited Address Book with Groupings

Unlimited contact entries and groupings with Bulk SMS Singapore.

SMS Marketing Singapore 2 Way SMS 2 Way SMS

Send SMS and receive SMS reply via Bulk SMS Singapore SMS Gateway.

SMS Marketing Singapore Longcode or Bulk SMS Random Number Bulk SMS Longcode / Random Number

Make customer interaction affordable with SMS Long code (e.g promotion, survey, etc)

SMS Marketing Singapore Custom Sender ID Custom Sender ID

Customise your sender ID with company name & more. (Note: Does not work for All Malaysia Numbers.)

SMS Marketing Singapore Email to SMS Email 2 SMS

Use email client / application and send bulk SMS to any mobile phone number globally.

SMS Marketing Singapore contact upload or import SMS contacts database Upload / Import SMS Contacts to Database

Upload / Import your customer mobile numbers database into Bulk SMS Singapore to manage your contacts easily.

SMS Marketing Singapore Message Scheduling SMS Message Scheduling

Schedule your bulk SMS delivery at any time or date for more effective SMS marketing stragegy.

SMS Marketing Singapore Send SMS with CSV or Excel Send SMS with CSV or Excel

In SMS Marketing Singapore, you can easily import your contacts using CSV file and blast out SMS in 1 click.

SMS Marketing Singapore Open Source SMS Plugin Open Source SMS Plugin

Bulk SMS Singapore has developed a series of SMS plugin for Opencart, vTiger, Wordpress and online CRM platforms.

Bulk SMS Singapore Birthday Reminder SMS Birthday Reminder

Use Bulk SMS Singapore to send birthday reminders to customers to show that they are important to you.

SMS Marketing Singapore Personalised SMS Personalised SMS

Personalise your SMS with unique customer information such as name, mobile number, address and more.

SMS Marketing Singapore SMS Up to 3000 characters SMS Up to 3000 Characters

Extra long SMS feature enables you to send messages up to 3000 characters to global mobile networks.

SMS Marketing Singapore Multi User SMS or SMS Sub Accounts Multi User or Sub Accounts

Create multiple sub accounts for your company employees / departments to accomodate different business needs.

SMS Marketing Singapore Receive SMS Response via Email Receive SMS Response via Email

Conveniently receive SMS response at your company email client or any commercial email clients.

SMS Marketing Singapore Auto Responder SMS Auto Responder

Prepare automate responses to show your customers that you are quick & efficient.

SMS Marketing Singapore Profit Sharing Sub Keyword SMS Profit Sharing Sub Keyword

Earn some income via SMS Sub Keywords. Offer SMS content to end users and generate income when they respond.

SMS Marketing Singapore Keyword SMS Keyword

Pick an SMS Keyword to suit your company bulk SMS campaign. (e.g. Type GET DISCOUNT <ic number> & send to 23388)

SMS Marketing Singapore HTTP Triggering HTTP Triggering

Insert required informations in to your SMS using HTTP Triggering method in your application.

Unicode SMS Marketing Singapore Unicode SMS

SMS Marketing Singapore supports 7 bit and 8bit SMS including Chinese SMS, Arabic SMS, Japanese SMS and etc.

SMS Marketing Singapore Realtime Reporting SMS Realtime Reporting

Access your SMS reports any time, any day for the latest SMS campaign update.

SMS Marketing Singapore History SMS History

All SMS blast will be recorded into the system for your references.

Multiple Analysed SMS Singapore delivery reports - sms daily reports, prefix reports, monthly reports, user reports Multiple Analysed SMS Delivery Reports

View comprehensive SMS delivery reports (e.g.sms daily reports, prefix reports, monthly reports, user reports and more.)

Fix number sms Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Australia, Thailand Fix Number SMS

Bulk SMS Singapore offers Fix Number SMS for Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Australia, Thailand.

Bulk SMS Android App Bulk SMS Android App

Blast SMS using latest SMS Marketing Singapore's Android App.

SMS One Time Password SMS One Time Password

Secure your website's online transactions using Bulk SMS Singapore's two-factor authentication services.

Remove Duplicate Mobile Number in iSMS Contacts Remove Duplicate Mobile Number

Automated function in removing duplicated mobile number (100% identical mobile number) from your uploaded contact list.

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