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Bulk SMS Singapore vTiger CRM 6 Plugin

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How to Integrate Bulk SMS into vTiger CRM 6 Plugin

Send SMS from Bulk SMS vTiger CRM

Bulk SMS Notifier Module - vTiger CRM 6

The number of users for mobile devices has been increasing rapidly over the years. Bulk SMS is leveraging on this phenomenon by adding a vTiger plugin to our plugin series. If your company is planning to advertise multiple products and services, our vTiger plugin will be able to help you. Not only sending SMS to your customers but also everyone in your contact list including suppliers, agents and so on. It is essential to keep in touch with them and build a strong relationship.

The SMS Notifier module in vTiger CRM 6 allows you to communicate with your contacts easier and quicker. You can also send personalised SMS to all of your customers to show that you care about them, indirectly increasing your sales.

  1. Download Bulk SMS vTiger CRM 6 Plugin HERE
  2. Unzip file
  3. Log in to your vTiger FTP
  4. Go to "/modules/SMSNotifier/providers"
  5. Copy ISMS.php file and paste it at path "/modules/SMSNotifier/providers"

SMS Server Configuration

To send SMS you need SMS service provider details; This can be filled by administrator from Settings page.

Few simple steps to configure SMS Server in vtiger CRM 6.

1: Go to Settings Icon VtigerSettingsIcon.png (top right corner) > CRM Settings > Module Manager. This can be found under 'Settings Shortcuts' section.

2: Mouseover SMSNotifier and click on the Settings button on the right. SettingsButton.png

3: Select the link Server Configuration.

You can configure SMS Server information by clicking on Server Configuration.

4: Select 'New Configuration' button and insert SMS provider information.

5: Fill in your Bulk SMS Singapore Account info

Provider iSMS
Active Select Yes
User Name Your Bulk SMS Singapore username
Password Your Bulk SMS Singapore password
type 1 or 2 (1=normal, 2=unicode)
sendid your mobile number

How to send sms?

Sending Individual SMS

1: Login to Vtiger CRM

2: Click on Contacts tab

3: Select the specific Contact

4: Go to 'More' tab and click on 'Send SMS' on the drop down menu

5: Select the Phone field to send your SMS to the individual

6: Type in your SMS Message and click 'Send' once you're done.

Sending Bulk SMS

1: Login to Vtiger CRM

2: Select Contacts tab

3: To send SMS in bulk, go to the list view of Leads, Contacts, or Organizations, Select the desired number of records by ticking the tick boxes on the left.

4: Go to 'Action' Tab and select 'Send SMS' on the drop down menu

5: Click on one of the Phone fields to send your SMS to the selected multiple contacts

6: Compose your SMS Message and click 'Send' once you're done.


Download Bulk SMS Singapore vTiger CRM 6 Plugin

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