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Sending And Receiving Short Message Service (SMS)

Bulk SMS Singapore is unique because it provides a send and return path for all SMS that is sent out. This 2-Way SMS system is designed to follow mobile phone numbers when sending out SMS. The SMS sender number will be displayed in form of mobile phone number when the receiver checks the SMS.

Bulk SMS Singapore 2-way short message service (SMS) also provides long code service to receive real-time SMS responses quickly via our reliable bulk SMS gateway. A cost-effective reply paths and you can forward those SMS replies to any email addresses.

2-way sms


  1. Purchase a SIM Card from ANY Service Providers from your selected country.
  2. Then, activate the SIM Card with International Roaming features.
  3. Next, send/courier your SIM Card to us.
  4. Then, the International SIM Card hosting for SMS marketing is considered done!

For instance

When you send SMS to a recipient, you will go to our bulk SMS gateway. Then, send to recipient mobile phone.

From: 6512345678
Message: A sales is on going at Interested? Please reply YES or NO.

Recipients just need to press "reply" and start to reply to the message as how you would usually reply to any SMS.

Then the sender will receive a reply via the email address which the sender has set inside Bulk SMS Singapore member console page. Your reply email will look like this:

Sender will receive a reply as below:
Time Received: 2009-10-19 16:45:22
Reply ID: 1962517
Reply From: +6512345678
Reply Message: YES
Original Message: A sales is on going at Interested? Please reply YES or NO.

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What are the SMS Marketing Singapore 2-Way SMS Features?

  • Immediate customer interaction, direct, personalised messages.
  • Absolutely NO hidden charges or set up fees.
  • Sent messages is quickly processed to ensure instant message delivery. Enclosed with delivery status report.
  • Bulk SMS Singapore HTTP API Keys are provided together with web based SMS marketing tools.
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  • Bulk SMS Singapore covers ALL major mobile network operators across Singapore.

When to use 2-Way SMS?

  • SMS based voting - awards show, reality tv competition, research projects
  • Company Marketing - product survey, customer service satisfaction
  • Sales & Promotions - latest sales information, sms voucher

How to start using our 2-way SMS service ?

Get your free trial 10 demo credits from here or register with our free Bulk SMS account. If you prefer to contact any of our sales representative directly, you are welcome to reach us at contact us for more information about our SMS Marketing Singapore services.

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