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South East Asia Bulk SMS Rates

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Singapore Bulk SMS Rate Singapore
1.0 SMS Credit
Malaysia Bulk SMS Rate Malaysia
1.0 SMS Credit
Indonesia Bulk SMS Rate Indonesia
1.0 SMS Credit
Brunei Bulk SMS Rate Brunei
1.0 SMS Credit
Thailand Bulk SMS Rate Thailand
1.0 SMS Credit
Vietnam Bulk SMS Rate Vietnam
2.0 SMS Credit
Cambodia Bulk SMS Rate Cambodia
1.0 SMS Credit
Myanmar Bulk SMS Rate Myanmar
3.0 SMS Credit
Laos Bulk SMS Rate Laos
1.0 SMS Credit
Philippines Bulk SMS Rate Philippines
1.0 SMS Credit
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Singapore Bulk SMS Rate

Carrier Available
M1 (M1 Limited)
SingTel (Singapore Telecom Mobile)
StarHub Mobile

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Send SMS online. Rates per text message to mobiles in all destinations. Bulk SMS Singapore covers international SMS to more than 100 countries. including SMS Malaysia, SMS China, SMS Indonesia, SMS Thailand, SMS Brunei and SMS Australia, covering more than 200 countries. Planning to do sms marketing globally? We have you covered.

Custom SMS Integration Service

Looking to integrate Bulk SMS into your application but do not have the time or the knowledge in programming?

Bulk SMS Singapore is now providing customized SMS Integration Service to assist you in integrating all the necessities of Bulk SMS that meet your needs and requirements to futher improve your business marketing strategies. We will settle the rest for you!

DIY SMS Integration Service

SMS Integration Service allows you to integrate Bulk SMS to your application for SMS Marketing using SMS API (Application Programming Interface). You can send, receive and track SMS messages that you have delivered through link requests.

Why Choose Bulk SMS Singapore?

Cost-effective and has wide coverage. Integrating SMS marketing Singapore as part of your core marketing strategy, place your company above competitors.

We also support sms marketing, sms campaigns, holiday specials, promotional activities and mobile coupons. Read More »

Bulk SMS Spam Compliance

Bulk SMS security is more than important these days. Bulk SMS Singapore has made sure unsolicited bulk sms campaigns will be dealt by taking defined actions. Spam literally translates to lower productivity and a waste of company's resources.

Our bulk sms marketing Singapore service , complies with the Spam Control Act ("SPAM"). All SMSes will go through filters which the Bulk SMS Singapore team has set up in the SMS gateway. Our send sms online system will then notify you if the SMS content is considered spam. If your message is labeled spam during the preliminary stages, you can return to your message and amend it.

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Benefits of Us

We cover ALL mobile operators within Singapore by using Bulk SMS Singapore, you can send international SMS MT to 700 mobile operator internationally. With the quality of service we provided is highly suitable for bulk SMS marketing purpose. If you are interested, you can have a look at our international SIM card hosting HERE.

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No Software

Easy to Setup

After subscribing to Bulk SMS Singapore, all you need is good internet connection and a reliable web browser. No software needed to install or download the program into your computer.

Message Scheduling

Bulk SMS Scheduling

Need to promote your company's latest product or updates? Organize your appointments with your customers? With our SMS Task Scheduler API and regular Scheduler it helps you to compose the SMS message and set the SMS scheduler.

Personalised Messages

Personalise SMS

With your personalise unique information, Bulk SMS Singapore can personalise your every single SMS sent out. The SMS will retrieve the related data base on the shortkey used. Send multiple SMS to multiple contacts with multiple information. Click HERE to learn how you can personalise your SMS.

User Friendly

Easy to Get Around

With our user friendly interface, you can sign into Bulk SMS Member Portal to enjoy our bulk SMS service without any problem. The guides are provided and its easy to understand.

FREE Online SMS Tool

Our service supports 2 way SMS where you can send and receive email replies. Furthermore, you can create Mobile Ads too.

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You can integrate the Bulk SMS Singapore by using HTTP SMS API that is provided into your own application or software. Redistribution of your application is allowed.

Check our extensive API list HERE

Unlimited Contacts

Bulk SMS enable you to upload unlimited contact numbers into your address book for easy management.

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Comprehensive Reports

Facilitate and ease your job task at the same time with the help of SMS delivery reports. This allows you to strategise your next bulk SMS marketing both effectively and professionally with ease.

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